Max Chera is the MANAGING PARTNER of Express Capital Financing.

Max got involved in Real Estate at a young age at 21 he already owned his own brokerage in Brooklyn doing Sales and Leases all over South Brooklyn. After a few years, a great opportunity came up for Max to enter another market and he moved to Austin, Texas for 3 years. In Texas, he was fortunate enough to partner with a mega team, and sold over 150+ homes a year and taught new agents how to make money selling Real Estate! During his work experience, he invested and helped many others invest in Real Estate and now is continuing to assist his network by helping them leverage themselves, systems, and most importantly capital to accumulate more wealth using Real Estate.

Name: Max Chera
Mobile: (888) 565-9477
Direct: (646) 604-4941
Fax: (718) 228-3616