Max Antar

Max Antar Is the newest member to the Express Capital Finance team.

As a former buyer for online retail outlets, Max has been trained to pay careful attention to the needs and wants of his costumers. Max understands the only way to do this, is through building real relationships along the way and welcoming communication and feedback as a means for self-improvement. He strives to service all who deal with him and prides himself on being accessible and approachable to his clients for any questions or concerns they might have. Other experience includes a year of real estate in the Emerging market of Austin, Texas, giving him unique insight into the nature of fix and flip deals. As a realtor, Max worked with investors to find value in properties that were getting left behind in the appreciating market. Max has also been an investor himself for 5+ years. Starting at a young age with his father to help build a portfolio of rental properties. His unique blend of experience, talent and education makes him ideal to work with investors of every background.

Max is also an accomplished athlete whose energy and no-nonsense approach will come as a welcomed surprise to all who work with him. His kind and genuine personality will hold your hand through your entire experience with ECF.

Max graduated From the Baruch College – Zicklin School of Business – Dean’s Scholar’s Honors program with an MBA in Finance in December of 2016.

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