There are numerous challenges facing Brooklyn, NY business owners, especially when it comes to getting adequate financing. Banks and similar lending channels have prohibitively high entry requirements to access even introductory unsecured lines of credit. Express Capital Financing understand these challenges, and offers businesses in the Brooklyn area affordable access to unsecured lines of credit regardless of how “new” the company is. Our lines of credit are flexible, and do not require massive amounts of collateral.

Unsecured Credit For New Brooklyn Businesses

Traditional credit sources consider many new business owners to be “risky investments,” and are therefore reluctant to give Brooklyn entrepreneurs the unsecured credit they need without taking on high interest rates or demanding large amounts of collateral. Express Capital Financing believes that small businesses are the foundation of a strong economy. To that end, we are dedicated to providing the best lines of credit to Brooklyn, NY business owners. Accessing our unsecured business credit program is both easy and affordable, without placing a strain on finances. If your company does not meet our baseline requirements to access a line of credit, we will provide alternative financing solutions to allow your business to grow and flourish.

Unsecured Loans For Brooklyn, NY Business Owners

For Brooklyn-based business owners, Express Capital Financing can structure unsecured business loans based on our in-house financial analysis. Our unsecured small business loans include:

  • Business lines of credit with 1 to 5 percent interest over prime rates
  • Amounts ranging from $25,000 and $100,000 for Brooklyn businesses with fewer than two years of operational history and owner/partner in good credit standing
  • $100,000 to $500,000 for already established companies with qualifying financials and credit, along with annual revenue over $1 million
  • Credit card options with zero percent financing

Zero Collateral Solutions For Brooklyn, NY Entrepreneurs

At Express Capital Financing, we believe in building relationships with our clients, and working directly with Brooklyn business owners to understand their business needs. Then, we can structure unsecured lines of credit without requiring the collateral demanded by traditional lending channels. Instead of trying to force businesses into a “one size fits all” mold for financing, Express Capital takes each business individually. Every operation is unique, within their respective industries. Because of this, we also understand that no one solution will fit everyone’s situation. Our team of experts will look over your business profile, focusing more on overall profitability than bottom line numbers to create a customized program to help your business reach its full potential.

Learn More About Our Collateral-Free Loans And Unsecured Lines Of Credit

Whether you are a new business or you have been established for years, we can get you the unsecured loans and lines of credit you need. Contact Express Capital Financing for a no-obligation pre-qualification for your business. We specialize in helping Brooklyn-based businesses grow successfully with the best zero-collateral loans and unsecured lines of credit in the area. Call our offices today to get started.