The Funding You Need, When You Need It

For projects that need to be completed in stages, it can be challenging to get secure the financing needed all at once. Many times, there are gaps left while larger funds are still in the pipeline. Unfortunately, this means entrepreneurs have to hold off on taking action, or readjust time lines across the board. To ameliorate this, Express Capital Financing offers bridge loan solutions to keep projects on track. We provide bridge financing to entrepreneurs across the country.

Filling In The Gaps With Bridge Loans

Express Capital Financing is an active lender in commercial real estate, providing bridge capital for small and medium balance transactions.

Uses of proceeds include:

  • Quick close transactions
  • DPO financing
  • Debt refinancing and restructuring
  • Partner buyouts
  • Repositioning of transition assets requiring some renovation and TI/LC funds

Our bridge loans are tailored to meet your specific needs, and offer such features as:

  • Loan amounts between $1M and $100M
  • Nationwide Lender
  • Origination fee starting at 1 percent
  • Interest only amortization
  • Time of essence issues
  • Partnership Buyouts
  • Distressed or Transitional borrowers (credit or liquidity issues, bankruptcy)
  • Bridge the seasoning gap for agency or CMBS takeouts
  • Terms up to 80 LTV

Interest rates on our bridge loans are structures around the value of the property used as collateral.

Rates & Terms

Guildelines Criteria
Loan Type Senior first mortgage loans only
Loan Amount $1,000,000 to $40,000,000
Maximum Term Up to 2 Years
Amortization Interest Only
Origination Fee 2-3%
Loan to Cost Up to 80%
Stabilized Target Loan to Value
  • 60% Special Use
  • 70% Generic
  • 75% Multifamily
Interest Rates Starting at 7.99%
  • Nationwide Platform
  • 6 months minimum interest
  • Full or partial recourse to borrower
  • Interest reserves if no in-place cash flow available
  • No dark buildings, land deals or ground up construction
Property Types Multifamily, Retail, Mixed Used, Office Buildings, Industrial and Warehouse, Self-storage, Skilled and assisted living, flagged hotels and motels, strip centers
Minimum Credit Score 500 or higher

Get A Bridge Loan From Express Capital Financing

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