Need Cash Fast? Get an Advance

mcaIf your sales numbers are constant, but you need cash to expand, consider a merchant cash advance from Express Capital Financing. This is an easy solution to last-minute cash flow problems, and you’re not locked down to another long-term liability

Quick Cash Without the Commitment

Traditional business loans require a set monthly payment schedule, but a cash advance from Express Capital Financing is backed by your daily operations. We’ll buy out a percentage of your daily credit card sales, retain a small fee and then forward you the funds. You must currently accept credit payments in order to qualify, but we work with all major providers, including Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.

Competitive Rates, Even With Poor Credit

If you’re worried about keeping up with another loan payment during your slow season, then apply for a merchant cash advance. Our rates are competitive and the flexibility is unbeatable. Plus, we won’t hound you about your credit score or borrowing history, and you get to keep all of your existing equity.

Call Today For Up to $500,000

If you’re having trouble getting approved for a small business loan, then call Express Capital Financing today. We won’t charge you anything at closing, and cash is usually available within seven business days.