Effective Equipment Financing and Leasing

equipmentThe equipment leasing options available here at Express Capital Financing are a great way to help your business expand operations. Our custom programs are a great way for you to get the equipment you need without hurting your company’s bottom line.

Advantages of Leasing

There are a few reasons why leasing is a good option for your business. First of all, monthly lease payments tend to be lower than payments for other type of financing, allowing your business to expand operations even with limited cash flow. Additionally, leasing helps you avoid tying up your future capital, ensuring that you’ll be prepared for unexpected expenses or periods of slow sales. Leasing does not affect your existing lines of credit, but it does have great advantages when it comes to tax and accounting strategies.

Planning for the Future

Additionally, leasing usually has a low down payment, and monthly expenses are fixed instead of being tied to variable rates. This allows you to plan your business’s future without worrying about market behavior. Plus, if you’re seeking technology that is likely to become obsolete in the near future, leasing helps you avoid taking a loss when the time comes to upgrade. You can use the current best technology while also preparing for future changes.

Program Parameters

Our lease programs have a number of different payment structures, with lease amounts ranging from $150,000 to over $500,000. Depending on the amount, our approval process can usually be completed in under a week and may occur in as little as 24 hours. We can finance almost any kind of equipment, ranging from medical devices to software.

Special Options

We offer a variety of useful programs for special cases, including a startup program, a state and federal government entity program, and a “second chance” program designed for businesses with bad credit. We even have a sale and lease back program that allows you to leverage your existing assets to build working capital.

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